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       Burdine Marriages
William B. Burdine & Frances Jones
Georgia- Jones County,
To any Judge, Justice of the Peace, or Minister of the Gospel.
You are hereby authorized to join William B. Burdine and Miss. Frances Jones in the Holy state of Matrimony, according to the Constitution and Laws of this State; and for so doing, this shall be your sufficient License.
Given under my hand and seal, this 31st. day of December 1826.
                                                    James J. Smith  ceo
Georgia-Jones County,
I do certify that Wm.B. Burdine and Frances Jones were duly joined in Matrimony by me, this 31st.day of December, 1826.
                                                   S.N. Smith J.P.
William B. Burdine & Mary(Mollie) L. Smith
The State of Alabama.
Macon County,
To any ordained Minister of the Gospel, Judge of Circuit or Probate court; or Justice of the peace for said county:
    You are hereby Authorized to celebrate the Rites Of Matrimony between WM.B.Burdine and Mollie L. Smith and this shall be your sufficient authority for so doing.
Given under my hand,the 6th day of May in the Year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and fifty 67 and of American Independence the seventy------------.
                                                         L A Stanton  ( name is hard to read)
                                                         Judge of Probate
I hereby certify that the Rites of Matrimony were celibrated between the above named persons on the 9th day of May 1867 Cotton ____________
                                                                William H. Stanton- Minister
Wedding At Beauvoir
May 9, 1918
Yesterday afternoon at the beauvoir Soldiers Home  took place the wedding of Mrs. W.R. Burdine to J.R.Williams, both inmates of the home. A peculiar instance of the wedding was the fact that the bride was on the same day fifty two years ago united in marriage to her first husband. Mr. and Mrs. Williams will reside at the home.
W.R. Burdine & Dora Garrett
     The State of Ala.
Lowndes County - Vol.B- Page 372
        To any ordained minister of the Gospal , Judge of the Circuit or Probate court, or Justice of the Peace for said county,-- Greetings:
You are hereby Authorized to celebrate the Rites of Matrimony between
W.R. Burdine and Miss Dora Garrett. and this shall be your sifficient authority for so doing. 
     Given under my hand and seal this 21st Day of December A.D. 1889
                                                                  A.E. Coxxee
                                                              Judge of Probate.

Th above named parties were married by me at Ft. Deposit on the 24 th day of December A.D. 1889           
                                                        W Hurla Minister
Bosarge - Burdine
     Miss. Gladys Burdine was married to Arnold Bosarge Saturday night at the home of Rev. W.M. Sullivan. Miss burdine was dressed in a brown suit with hat and accessories to match. Miss Thelma Tremmel, her bridesmaid, was dressed in blue with accessories to match. Mr. Bosarge's best man was mr. Joe Leckien. Miss burdine is the youngest daughter of Mrs, W.R. Burdine. She has lived in Biloxi practically all her life and for the last few years has been employed with the Mi-Lady Beauty Parlor. Mr Bosarge is a vained employee of the Piggly-Wiggly . A reception was held following the ceremony at the grooms home on Reynoir Street, where the young couple recieved many useful gifts.  Mr and Mrs. Bosarge went to the Grant Southern Hotel  for a short honymoon, They will make their home on Reynoir Street.

Lomax Burdine Sr.
Burdine-Braun-July24, 1907
   A pretty home wedding of a popular young couple was that of Mr. Lomax Burdine and Miss victoria Brown ( should read Braun).at the residence of the Bride's parents on Fayard Street at 7:30 o;clock last night. The home was tastefully decorated for the occasion and a large number of friends and relatives of the young couple were gathered to see the ceremony performed  and to tender congratulations and good wishes. Frank Schaubplayed Mendelssohn's wedding march as the bride entered the parlor  and after the ceremony rendered the flower song.  Fathewr Alphonse performed the ceremony.
  The bride, attired in white grandmother's swiss trimmed in lace and ribbons and carrying bride's roses and carnations, was attended by her maid of honor, Miss Louise Fayard, dressed similier to the bride and carrying pink and white roses, and by the bridesmaid also, gowned in Grandmother's swiss and carrying blue and white flowers.
   The best man was Chas. Cazeaux and the groomsman was Harry Raymond.  After the ceremony a reception was held at the home. There were many presents of a beautiful and useful nature. recieved by the newly married couple.
   The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Louis Braun, while the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Burdine of this city and is a machinist at the plant of the T.J. Rosell MFG. Co.
    Among the out of town guests who came to attend the wedding were Mrs. Fehl, Mrs Arbeau, Miss Josephine Hirsch, Mr and Mrs. R.E. Wills and children, Miss Lena Longenstein and Miss Katie Rose of New Orleans.
   Mr.and Mrs. Burdine are at their home on Cuevis Street.
Sept 27, 1908
Cupid's Arrows Find More Victims
The following, telling of the marriage of a Biloxi young lady , the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.B.Burdine, is taken from a Meridian paper;
    " Sunday afternoon at a pretty home wedding at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thames, the lives of Miss Nettie May Burdine and Mr. Ernest Autrey were united . Rev.I.A. Halley performed the ceremony'"
    The parlor was tastefully decorated with evergreen and ferns, and only the intimate friends of the contracting parties were present..
   The bride wore a dainty lingerie toilet, and entered the parlor on the arm of her sister, Mrs. Ben Thames, the groom being escorted by Mr. Thames.
   After loving congratulations from those present, refreshments of cream and cake were served by Miss Georgie Taylor and Miss Mary Hodges.
   Mr Autrey is an employee of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, and he and his bride recieved many appropriate gifts from their numerous friendes and acquaintances.
   They will be at home at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Thames on Valley Street. "