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                                               The Ancestry of Levicia Ann "Vicey" (Merrill) Pippin 1824 - 1907
                                                                           wife of Ferdnand Pippin,
                                                      (and mother of Mary A. Irene Pippin b.1856  Clark Co, Ms.-
                                                       who married Wiley Wesley Lowery, 1857 Al.- 1933 Texas.)

                        2nd gen
Abel Merrill, b. 1798 Pendleton, Anderson, South Carolina.
d. 1866 Page, Jasper, Mississippi
Married: Eliza Cooley,b.July 3,1804 Darlington, SC
d.1873 Jasper, Ms.
   1.Charles Pinkney Merrill, b. 1816 SC - d. May 27,1871 Clarke, Miss.
   2.Nancy Merrill, b.June 7,1820 Wayne, Miss.
      d.1867 Bay Springs, Jasper, Miss.
   3.William Merrill, b. 1821 Wayne, Miss. - d. 1883 Clarke Co, Miss.
   4.Lavicia Ann "Vicey" Merrill, b. Dec.27,1824 Wayne Co, Miss.
      d.Sept.8,1907/09 Shady Grove,Jasper,Miss.
      Married: Ferdinand Pippin.
   5.Temperance Merrill, b. 1824 Jasper, Miss. - d. 1883 Wayne, Miss.
   6.Mary Elizabeth Merrill, b. 1826 Wayne, Miss.
      d.1894 White, Arkansas
      Married; Jesse Jackson Touchstone, b.1823-1859
   7.Martha Merrill, b.Sept.1,1828 Wayne, Miss.
      d.Sept.11, 1917 Shady Grove, Jasper, Miss.
   8.Keziah Merrill, (female) b.1830 Miss. - d. 1850 Miss.
   9.Eliza Jane Merrill, b. Oct.22, 1833 Jasper, Miss.
      d. Feb.8, 1911 Shady Grove, Jasper, Miss.
  10.Green Berry Merrill, b. Oct.21,1835 Jasper, Miss.
      d.june 22, 1862 Columbus, Lowndes, Miss.
  11.Susan Merrill, b. Sept.3,1838 Jasper, Miss.
      d.Nov.23, 1907 Heidelberg, Jasper, Miss.
  12.b.Nelson Cooley Merrill, b. Dec.22, 1846 Miss.
       d. July 8, 1881 Shady Grove, Jasper, miss.
                       3rd gen
Charles Merrill, b.Nov.1761 Jersey Settlement, Rowen, North Carolina.
d.1822 Pendleton,Anderson, SC
married: Elizabeth , b. 1769 - d.1843 Marshall, Alabama
   1.Benjamin Merrill, b.1791 South Carolina.
      d.1854 Marshall County, Ala.
   2.Abel Merrill,b.1798 Pendleton, Anderson, SC
     d.1866 Page, Jasper, Ms.
   3.Jasper merrill, b. 1799 South Carolina
                      4th gen
Benjamin Merrill,b.1731 Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey
d.June, 19,1771 Hillsborough,, NC.
(A note: Benjamin was tried and hanged for treason in 1771.)Read story
Married: Jemima Smith, b.1728 Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey
             d. May 7,1801 Rowan, NC.
   1.Penelope Merrill, b.1759 Jersey settlement, Rowen County, NC.
      Married Benjamin Merrill, 1752-1836
      (her 1st cousin, the son of her father's brother.)
   2.William Merrill, b. 1753 Jersey settlement, Rowan, NC
      Married; Sally Haden in 1777 NC.
   3..Charles Merrill, b.Nov.1761 Jersey Settlement, Rowen, NC
      d.1822 Pendleton, Anderson, SC.
      Married: Elizabeth b. 1769 - d. 1843 Marshall, Ala.
                         5th gen
William Merrill 2nd, b 1700 Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey
d.1740 Hopewell, Hunterdon, New Jersey.
Married;#1. Penelope Stout,b.May 20,1700 - marriage date; 1729 N.J.
            d.July 11,1776 Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey
            ( Penelope was daughter of James stout and Elizabeth Truax)
Married; #2.Anna Parke
Children of William Merrill and Penelope Stout:
    1.Rachel Merrill
    2.Thomas Merrill,
    3.Penelope Merrill,
    4.Anna Merrill,
    5.William Merrill 3rd., "Capt" b.1729 Hopewell, Mercer Co, NJ.
       d.April 19, 1782 NC
    6.Benjamin Merrill, b.1731 Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey
       d. June 19,1771 Hillsborough, Orange, NC - (hanged for treason in 1771)
           Rowan Co, NC?)
                          6th gen
William Merrill 1st, b.1675 Staten Island, Richmond, New York
d. Feb.22,1724 Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey
Married: Grace Stout,b.1680, Monmouth, New Jersey
             d. 1730 Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey
    1.William Merrill 2nd,b.1700 Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey
       d.June 25,1739/40 Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey.
       Married: Penelope Stout,b.My 20, 1700 -
                    d. July 11, 1776 Hopewell, Mercer, NJ.
    2.Rachel Merril, b.
    3.Joseph Merrill,b.
    4.Benjamin Merrill, b.
    5.Richard Merrill, b.
                           7th gen
Richard Merrill, b.1642 Tysoe, Warwickshire, England
d.May 19, 1727 Staten Island, Richmond, New york
Married; Sarah Wells, b.1649 Tysoe, Warwickshire, England
             d. Oct.21, 1722 Staten Island, Richmond, New York.
    1.David Merrill,b.abt.1660/65 Hopewell, New Jersey.
       d.1835 Lerington, Fayette Co, Kentucky.
          Married Rebecca Stout
    2.William Merrill 1st., b.1673/75 Staten Island, Richmond, New York
       d.Feb.22, 1724 Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey.
          (or possibly St.Mary's, Maryland ?)
          Married Grace Stout
    3.Elizabeth Merrill, b.1679 in Delaware, NY.
    4.Thomas Merrill,b.1684 Northfield, NJ.
       d.Jan.12, 1773
      Married: Jenne Gewan
    5.Phillip Merrill, b. 1868 northfield, NJ.
       Married; Elizabeth Baker
    6.John Merrill, b. 1688 Northfield, NJ.
       d. July 25, 1730 Staten Island, Richmond, New York.
    7.Charity Merrill,b. abt.1692 Delaware Co, New York.
    8.Richard Merrill Jr. b.July 6,1682 England
       d.Sept.6,1760 Staten Island, New York.
    9.Susanna Merrill, b. 1692 Staten Island, Richmond co, New york.
       Married; Arte Gimsor
                              8th gen
William Merrill, b. Jan.1614 Honington, Warwickshire, England
d. Sept.18,1687 Shipston, England
Married; Alice Duppa, b. March 1617 Shipston, On Stour, Warwickshire, Eng.
             d.Oct.14, 1692 Shipston, On Stour, Warwickshire, England
    1.Richard Merrill, b. 1642 Tysoe, Warwickshire, England
       d.May19,1727 Staten Island, Richmond, New York.
Married:Sarah Wells.1649-1722
                              9th gen
Richard Merrill, b.1575 Honington, Warwickshire, England
d.Oct.30,1652 Honington, Warwickshire, England
Married; Elizabeth West,b.Sept. 1594 Honington, Warwickshire, England
             d. Oct.19, 1616 Honington, Warwickshire, England.
    1.William Merrill, b.Jan.1614 Honington, Warwickshire, England
       d. Sept.18,1687 Shipston, England
Married: Alice Duppa 1617-1692


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 Benjamin Merrill, b.1731 Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey - d. June 19,1771 Rowan County, NC.( son of William Merrill and Penelope Stout) was one of six regulators put to death by hanging by order of Gov.Tryon for treason against the British in 1771.

Commemorative Plaque honoring the executed regulators put to death for treason agains the British.1771

Commemorative Plaque

Capt.Merrill plaque 1


Notes on Charles Merrill - son of Benjamin Merrill. Ancestry.com

 sarahl82 added this on 2 May 2008 

     Charles, who was ten years old when he witnessed his father's hanging for treason, served in the Salisbury District Militia (North Carolina) during the Revolutionary War and was paid for his service with a land grant on 24 March 1784.

     From Rowan County, North Carolina Court Records:

     8 August 1777: Charles was apprenticed to his brother John to learn the "Art & Mystery of a Blacksmith".

     6 February 1778: Charles, "being of lawful age," came into court and chose his eldest brother, Samuel, as guardian.


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